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Pcs Accordion Baroque Classical CD, 15 eur
Pcs Hommage a Lasse Pihlajamaa CD, 15 eur
Pcs Flora's Game CD, 15 eur
Pcs Hei tonttu-ukot, christmas songs for the accordion, book with a background CD, 20 eur
Pcs Harmonikkasirkus (Accordion cirkus) accordion course for beginners, 18 eur
Pcs Harmonikkasirkus matkustaa (Accordion cirkus travelling) accordion course 2, 15 eur
Pcs Christmas cards, 5 cards, 5 eur
Pcs Angel cards, 10 cards, 10 eur
Pcs Flower cards, 6 cards, 6 eur
Pcs Cards with Clowns, 4 cards, 4 eur
Pcs Spring cards, 4 cards, 4 eur

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