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Kelos Tuotanto (Kelos Production) is the name of Sirkka Kelopuro´s home page. Sirkka is an accordion player and accordion teacher from Helsinki/Espoo, Finland. Read more

You can order Sirkka´s accordion books, CD´s and post cards by filling in the order form. Postal costs will be added to the price.

Sirkka Kelopuro´s accordion CD´s are:

cd-kansi KLSCD4 Accordion Baroque Classical & Ilkka Teerijoki, clarinet 2016 (Bach, Händel, Mozart, Scarlatti, Tartini, Vinyals)

KLSCD3 Hommage à Lasse Pihlajamaa 2012 (Lasse Pihlajamaa´s compositions)

KLSCD1 Flora´s game 2008 (Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Albéniz, Piazzolla)

Sirkka Kelopuro´s accordion books are:


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